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SkinAx² is an antiaging solution for restoring skin radiance

feel looking better

2/3 women feel looking better with SkinAx²

more luminosity

26% more skin luminosity with SkinAx²

Illuminate, brighten and refresh your complexion with the patent-pending solution SkinAx²™, combining the antioxidant activity of bioavailable polyphenols from grape, SOD from French melon, zinc and vitamin C, for a complete activity on skin radiance.


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About SkinAx²™

Element graphique Regulates melanin synthesis for an optimized and homogeneous skin color and a reduction of hyperpigmented spots.


Element graphique Protects skin fibers to preserve elasticity and suppleness and decrease dark circles.


Element graphique Improves blood circulation to fully oxygenate, nourish and hydrate the skin.


Element graphique Provides antioxidant protection to preserve skin cell integrity.

Improve skin radiance

What is Skin radiance?

Skin radiance is the sign of how youth and healthy you are. As you age, your skin radiance is altered by an excess of oxidative stress leading to a stream of mechanisms responsible of an uneven skin tone.

Did you know?

There is no official definition of skin radiance. It is a subjective concept based on people self-perception, usually measured by the combination of even tone (color), luminosity (contrast), imperfections (dark circles, spots) and firmness.

SkinAx²™ restores skin radiance from within after only 8 weeks of supplementation.

Clinical results

SkinAx²™ has been tested in a 8 weeks interventional clinical trial, on 35 women with dull complexion.

150 mg/day

35 women, aged 40 to 70

Dumoulin et al., 2016

2 months


The effects of SkinAx²™ on skin radiance have been performed using 3 levels of evaluation :


1 – A self-assessment questionnaire filled by women

dermatological control

2 – A global evaluation carried out according to the CLBT test (Color, Luminosity, Brightness, Transparency), under dermatological control

C.L.B.T. test

physical mesurement

3 – A physical measurement of elasticity done by a device called Cutometer®


Global satisfaction

SkinAx²™ global effect has been approved by users after 8 weeks of supplementation:

  • 82.4% of women declared to be satisfied by SkinAx²™ efficacy
  • 2 out of 3 women reported looking better at the end of the supplementation, compared to the beginning.

82% women satisfied

2/3 women feel looking better

Clinical assessment


The color has been evaluated by CLBT test using color scales, mainly characterizing the red and olive hues of the skin tone.

olive red pink

At the end of the study, red pink and olive colors are respectively reduced by 35% and 22%.


The contrast is defined by the luminosity, the brightness and the transparency of the skin and reflects its irregularity.

Graph luminosity

After 2 months with SkinAx²™:


  • The skin luminosity is improved by 26%
  • 62% of women find their skin smoother
  • 67% of women find their skin texture refined

Imperfections are all aspects that increase heterogeneity of the complexion, such as: dark circles, redness, spots.

68% of women find their complexion more homogeneous


SkinAx²™ reduces skin imperfections:


  • The color and the relief of dark circles are decreased by 19% and 11%
  • The redness is improved by 19%
  • The spots are less visible and reduced by 21%

Graph Dark circles color Graph Darck circle relief

Photo dark circle

Graph redness

Photo redness

Graph spots

Photo spots

firmness & elasticity

Loss of elasticity and firmness leads to a slackened or loose skin, strongly impacting the skin radiance.

Graph elasticity

The clinical evaluation reveals that 40% of women have a firmer skin after taking SkinAx²™. The skin elasticity, measured by Cutometer device is globally improved by 9%.


We conducted an in vitro assay to quantify one of its main mechanism of action: boosting collagen production. Benefits of SkinAx²™ were compared not only to a negative control but also to the most recognized substance for its collagen booster action: vitamin C.

Results showed that SkinAx²™ boosts collagen production by respectively +110% and +34%. This new data confirms the outcome of the clinical trial: +9% of skin elasticity.

SkinAx²™ - Activ'Inside

SkinAx²™, Just be radiant

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